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ISTAR & Tiansheng start a joint laboratory

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      On October 28, the unveiling ceremony of the Joint Laboratory forIntelligent Manufacturing Materials was held in the R&D center ofTiansheng, which was jointly built by the Institutes of Intelligent Science andTechnology Application Research, Jiang Su and Chinese Academy of Sciences(hereinafter referred to as the "ISTAR") and Changzhou Tiansheng NewMaterials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Tiansheng"). MaXin, executive vice-president of ISTAR, and Tiansheng's Chairman Wu Haizhoujointly unveiled the board of Joint Laboratory. Relevant leaders of Science andTechnology Bureau attended the unveiling ceremony.

      The joint laboratory will carry out works such as scientific research,consigned R&D, inspection and detecting, focusing on related materials inthe field of intelligent production. Based on this, it will become a talenttraining base combined R&D with industrial incubation. The joint foundationwill take advantage of bilateral materials R&D equipment, testingequipment, software, data, information and talents to realize the goal ofresource sharing, platform development, industry-oriented development,improvement of time efficiency and win-win cooperation.

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